Our Missionsym2

At Belinda’s Place, The Salvation Army provides basic needs, temporary housing, client-focused wrap around supports and follow up services to assist women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We help women find and keep their housing and successfully reintegrate into the community.

Our Vision

To see every woman connected to the supports she needs to find and keep permanent housing.

Our Goals

  1. Women experiencing homelessness obtain and retain housing
  2. Women at risk of homelessness remain housed

In order to reach these goals, staff at Belinda’s Place will:

  1. Provide Clients with a safe place to stay and basic needs while they emerge from crisis.
  2. Assess each Client with respect to their level of need for wrap‐around services.
  3. Provide support to each Client at the intensity and duration levels they need.
  4. Provide situational coaching and advice to enhance life skills and community living skills, as needed.
  5. Support each Client to find suitable and sustain suitable long‐term housing.
  6. Connect Clients to the services and supports that they need to retain housing, including income.
  7. Provide follow‐up services after women leave emergency housing until such time as they are supported by other services and/or have achieved housing stability.
  8. Contribute to evidence‐based decision‐making by collecting and reporting information about women experiencing homelessness, the services that they use, progress made, and housing stability outcomes.